Church & Students

Jamey has been preaching in
churches, youth camps, retreats, Christian schools and colleges across our nation for more than
30 years.
During his ministry career Jamey has seen hundreds of thousands come to know Jesus as their personal Savior, many now serving in full-time ministry.


If you’re looking for an inspirational speaker for your upcoming corporate event,  Jamey brings a wealth of experience to the corporate table. 
He is a popular and
 frequent speaker for Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and other civic organizations, events and banquets. 



Sometimes we just need a time to LAUGH.  Jamey’s gifted skill at comedy is just what the doctor ordered.  He can provide an
evening of hilarious humor for you
audience or congregation
As the late Dr Falwell use to say, “listening to Jamey speak is like having open heart surgery while being fully conscious enjoying
every minute of it.”